The IFF International Human Rights Film Festival is the newest Irish International Documentary and Film Festival. The festival is run by the charity organisation Irish Indie Film Foundation. This brand new festival intends to voice films that bring to the audience quality,  truth and social awareness .


The festival takes place in the town of Athenry in May and runs for three days. The following categories are part of the festival:

Short Documentary Competition

This selection shows 30 films in 3 blocks. The selection accepts documentary, animation and fiction films of no more that 10 minutes in duration.

Prize 1,000 to the best documentary voted by 

A past less travelled

This selection features 7 full length documentaries that tell human rights stories and inform the audience of events that have not been heard of but raise social awareness. 


This category enters in the feature length film Official Selection competition prizes.  

Official Selection

The official selection is dedicated to national and international fiction feature films and documentaries that have world wide resonance. 

The competition winning prizes are with 1 price of €5,000 for the winner and €2,000 as a second prize.


 and is our mark of identity, so this festival is not about the quantity of films that we screen is about voicing author filmmaking that has a relevant impact, reflects social reality and creates social awareness. was not always matched by a sufficient quantity of scheduled films: in other words, quite often there were not enough films to fill the Festival’s programme –not, in any case, of religious subject-matter. This situation led to the first turning point in the history of the Festival, which four years after its inception was converted into the International “Religion & Human Values” Film Week The name reflects the major novelty introduced in the Festival at that time: the admission of films where the emphasis lay on human values and a sense of committment.

The second turning point took place in 1973, when the Festival adopted its permament denomination as the Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid or –in a literal rendering— Valladolid’s International Film Week. The new name involved getting rid of the Festival’s religious orientation in the wake of developments influenced by two major factors: the rise in the number of films entering competition and the fact that producers were beginning to arrange for the premiere of their films to take place in the Valladolid Film Week.

As for the source of the acronym by which the Festival is generally known at home –SEMINCI— , the story is fairly anecdotal, since rather than the result of the modern urge for single terms capable of blending full phrases, it was born out of a much more prosaic need: that of saving words in telegrams.

The Irish Indie Film Foundation  has been created to help emerging and established filmmakers getting their work out there when refused or censored.

The foundation is a charitable organisation sustained by membership and donation.

All member can access to the following:

Affordable hiring of professional filming equipment

Affordable studio space and editing facilities (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Da Vinci)

Discounts in entries to IIFF international film festival

Access to funding

Access to filming documents

IIFF Directors guild

IFF Producers guild

Production Advice

Our background makes us understand every aspect of a production and we ensure that we can help you guys.